Yeshua, Divine Mother and Father Channeling 16/08/2019

Inside the Abbey (Glastonbury) is the heart and domain of Jerusalem. The hours of Israel and the Kingdom of Jerusalem are recorded and held in the land.

These hours (the energy records) and the golden gate to the Holy Isle are open to the seekers of the truth, to the Earthly and Angelic Christ initiates. We welcome you to this land, that you may receive the codes of Eden and the keys for the embodiment of light and purity into the physical.

Beloved children of the light, long lost descendants of Eden and the Holy Grail, we are calling you home. Back to our Holy Isle, that you may remember your true nature and the heavenly palace and Kingdom within which you dwell.

We love you and we await your return to the shores of Avalon as the pillars shall be held open upon your arrival.


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