Voices of the Magdalens – Priests and Priestesses of Gold

Priests and Priestesses of the Golden Rose. We call you now to activate these codes within yourselves for the ascension of humanity.

Should you wish to accept responsibility for your creed and your work on the earth plane, you shall be blessed with the abundance of Source, the divine presence of creation energy within you and in your realities.

This code stemming from the Universal Codex has been written so that you may understand and receive the deeper wisdom of the Golden Frequency.

It is time to remember who you are and take responsibility for the gifts that you have and share them with the divine intention of aligning to Source.

The code is as follows - 

I am that I am.

Golden in my heart and Golden in my mind.

Golden in my eyes and Golden in my womb.

Through this you shall know the truth.

The truth of creation from before these timelines began.

Repeat this 7 times for the golden priest/priestess activation and receive the codes. We are here as ambassadors of the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Source.

We are the Voices of The Magdalenes.

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