Voices of The Magdalenes – 30/09/2019

Voices of the magdalene

I am. We are the I AM, we are the voices of the magdalenes. We have existed before your timelines began through the divine feminine birthing and rebirthing. A strict lineage of gatekeepers we are for the womb. Through the everlasting power, beauty and autonomy of the feminine consciousness we exist. Through love, we anoint the earth with our presence. Preserving, protecting and holding the purity of the sacred feminine essence. The gates of the womb are the gates of the cosmos. And as such we have gathered as an order/a collective group of souls dedicated to the feminine, to the return of the feminine Christ, the feminine power and holiness that is the essence of creation. 

Your planet is in the first stages of the great feminine reawakening. And as such, we have gathered from throughout the cosmos from different galaxies, kingdoms, queendoms and domains to facilitate the 'child' phase your planet is in. And we shall continue to be here to watch over your beautiful race. Our daughters walk among you. Some in black, some in white and some in red. Treasure them for they are the very expression of creation, the Sophia. Our love for you all is indescribable and we shower you all with love. Throughout the dimensions we hold earth, man and woman as our daughters and sons. You are our children. We love you, and our devotion to your transformation knows no bounds.

Continue on the path of the heart dear ones, that is where true wisdom lies and is to be found.

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