The Rose Lineage

The Rose Lineage is a lineage attuned, centered and devoted to the teachings of the Rose, or rather the Rose of the heart. These teachings exist for the preservation of the purity and sanctity of the heart and of unconditional divine love. Throughout the ages, different religions and spiritual orders (Judaism, Christianity, Sufism and more) have followed these teachings through devotional practice so that the frequency of pure love can be anchored into the 3D earthy realm. These teachings are aligned to the divine truth that in our purest forms, we are love. 

Throughout history, we have seen and heard of avatars that are the embodiment of divine unconditional love and compassion and the reason for their appearance was to remind us of our true nature. Carrying the frequency of pure love, the Rose is a blessing and a reminder for us to remember that beyond polarity, duality, separation and the density of the human experience, we are love. Also representing as a reflection of the heart, the unraveling of the blossoming rose speaks to the journey of moving deeper into the heart space, past and through the layers resistance within ourselves to open more fully to love.


The great white prayer

Great Spirit of God, thank you for this opportunity to have the human experience and to experience the beauty that pervades all things...

Psalm 23 : Solomon's rendition

The lord is my shepherd, I am strengthened through the presence of God within, As I rest in arms of the divine...