The Great White Prayer

Great Spirit of God,

Thank you for this opportunity to have the human experience and to experience the beauty that pervades all things,

Humbled, compassionate and honored am I to be an expression of your will, your light, your candor, your love and your grace.

As i continue to walk my path through all of the shifts and changes and ups and downs, watch over me as i endeavor to live from a place of divine alignment, 

And watch over those in challenging times of hardship and confusion.

Through the heart of the rose and the rose of the heart I am strengthened and through the white chalice of the light I am nourished.

Let there be love in the hearts of those forgetting that they are love, and let there be light throughout the land where it is not yet embodied.

In gratitude and in compassion, in love and in light, in truth and in candour I stand,

With the heavens and the earth unified within my core,

As a divine child of the most pure.


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