Morning Star Prayer

Morning Star of Creation,

Sananda, Seraphim, Highest of the highs,

I call on you to be with me on my journey,

To be present in my life, in my field and in my heart.

Watch over me with love and providence.

Morning star I am grateful for the beauty and intensity of your light as the manifestation of Divine Truth,

Angels and Seraphim I give thanks to you for your unconditional love and service.

Not only to me, but to all beings and all of creation.

Solar Logos, Christos,

Guide me and stay close to my heart and presence.

May the radiance of the lord forever illuminate the path I walk and those around me.

And may the radiance of the Sun hold us in its warmth, light and steadiness.

Throughout all dimensions and timelines,

May the light of the northern star forever guide us forwards on our paths.

And may we bless the earth with every step as Gaia thrives in vitality.

May the truth of the light be anchored in our hearts,

And may the light of the Morning Star forever dwell within us,


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