Lady Nada Channeling – I Am With You – 01/10/2019

Sisters of the red rose, of the pink diamond heart,

I am with you,

And together we coexist in the garden of the white lotus and the pink rose.

This message to you is a message of love and nothing more. A call to you and the collective to stay centered in your hearts. It is through the heart that we begin to grasp the boundless, infinite nature of existence and it is through this reverence and understanding of the unknown that miracles can happen.

It is time to continue the work of heart ascension, within yourself and as a collective. This work is ascending the frequency of Gaia. Creating an energetic grid throughout the dimensions of open and high vibrational heart energy.

I am here with you in your heart space.

May the rose of your heart continue to bloom and may the mysteries of life lead you deeper into the realms of your heart. Through the layers of your heart and deeper into the void of creation, the void of love. Continue to embrace the I AM of unconditional love and continue to dance in the beauty of creation.

I will meet you in the garden dear ones.

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