Healings and Activations



Channeling the light frequencies as a conduit of Source (Emerald and Diamond) I offer healing transmissions to facilitate the healing process on multiple levels. This includes the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies as they are all intimately interwoven and connected. Each and every transmission and healing is unique to the person receiving the energy in a session. 

Light Activation sessions are focused on the integration of higher dimensional aspects of the self into the body and energy field (the re-embodiment of the  higher aspects of the self into the physical). Energy Clearing consists of the realignment to ones own energy through energetic purification and cleansing.

Available for distance Skype healing sessions.



Karmic Clearings and Healings, Energy Clearings


Karmic Clearing sessions are to assist you with moving through and beyond karmic patterns, blockages and past life traumas. Through the dimensions and throughout the timelines, these sessions are for the clearing of karma ready to be healed, released and cleared on all levels. Which focuses on the energetic ascension of the individual through healing, transforming and transcending past life conditioning and cycles. 

Energy Clearing consists of the realignment to ones own energy through energetic purification and cleansing.

Distance Karmic healing sessions are available upon request.



Womb Healings


As a Divine Channel, Light Priest and Priest of the Goddess I offer Womb Healings to Men and Women. I have been called to do and hold this work by Goddess.

I see this field of healing as important because the Sacral Chakra and the Womb Space is the seat of our creative and sexual energy. 

Womb Healing sessions are to support and facilitate the energetic healing, clearing and release from the womb space and Sacral Chakra. These sessions focus on healing wounding and trauma, re-aligning and restoring the womb space to its natural energetic state and the anchoring of divine unconditional love into the womb space through channeling higher vibrational codes and healing energies. 


healing hands

positive review  I had a private session with Solomon and was very impressed by his channeling. The session was very intense in sensations and visions for me and it was nice being to share them with Solomon. The healing he channeled has had concrete impact on my physical body, releasing some ancestrial wounds that were passed on to me. Solomon reconnected me with some powerful energies and I a grateful for that. An importan tpoint for me is that despite all of what he can do, he remains humble and it matters a lot. I highly recommend him for healing and channeling sessions 🙏

Doriane Gillet Avatar Doriane Gillet
November 22, 2019

positive review  Solomon is a very deep and very special man. His way to talk and offer healing is truthful, trustful and it was one of my deepest sessions i ever felt. i highly recommend Salolom as an energy worker and healer! Hopefully our paths cross again!

Mona Madhavi Avatar Mona Madhavi
October 14, 2019

positive review  Thank you so much Solomon for this wonderful healing journey. I worked with him for the first time. I felt very comfortable from the start in his calm and supporting energy. He took the time to talk to me about what I would like to work on and also after the session to tell me what he head seen, heard & received during the session. He is very considerate and asks if & where it is okay for you to be touched gently to support the energetic healing process. I can highly recommend working with him for healing journeys and channellings.

Jana Naumann Avatar Jana Naumann
October 12, 2019

positive review  I was lucky to have a healing session with Solomon in Glastonbury. He is such a pure, yet incredibly powerful soul. I felt totally held, seen and safe in his presence. The session left me balanced and encouraged. Thank you Solomon for the beautiful message you received for me. I can highly recommend Solomons work, it´s very special.

Anja Waterstradt Avatar Anja Waterstradt
August 26, 2019

positive review  The sacred I AM anointing session helped me to connect even more with my true self – a divine being. It strengthened my intention to follow “The way of The Heart”, the teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. I felt uplifted, loved and blessed. Solomon has an incredible ability to disperse the clouds and open your heart. You feel his ancient wisdom flow through you, creating insights and healing. Karin, Mind Hacker and Life Strategist

Karin Tydén Avatar Karin Tydén
August 14, 2019

Other Reviews


I was surprised by how my feelings fluctuated during the ceremony. I did find myself relaxing, with the combination of the music, Sol's chanting and the lotus flower visual. For me the biggest thing I got out of this was feeling more hopeful, and supported during the ceremony. I would say those are two feelings which I have all too often lacked throughout my life.  


I really enjoyed my healing session with Solomon. He felt very experienced and had a lovely energy about him. I felt a good deal of energy in my body and saw lots of exciting and thought provoking imagery. The best thing about the session was that it felt perfectly for me, as though he knew exactly what was going on with me at this point In my life. So when I asked he told us he doesn’t know what’s to come. Something very helpful changed two days later for me and I had a powerful insight. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to see Solomon for an energy healing session. Karen


I have had 3 healing sessions with Sol so far, during the healings i felt one with the universe and i fell deeply into a meditative state. After each session my body is energized, i have more vitality, i feel braver, i have more confidence and most importantly i feel at peace. I would definitely recommend Sol's healings to others.