Goddess Aphrodite Channeling – Keeper of the Venusian Temples

I am the keeper of the Venusian Temples, the keeper of the codes of cosmic love.

I am Aphrodite

This is a transmission for those ready to receive the codes of the cosmic heart and the Venusian blueprints of love within themselves.

In the beginning and the at the end. Our Venusian Temples were created as a domain for beings across the galaxy to experience the creative divine feminine energies and the codes of the feminine heart.

This was so because of galactic conflict between proud and powerful races were bringing the energy signatures of our cosmos out of balance and away from the supreme harmony of divine love.

We therefore, yes I say we as I speak for the Venusian Star race now, are holding the frequencies of creation energy through the galactic gateway of the heart. Deeper into the domain of the heart is the entire cosmos. And this cosmos was born and created out of love.

This is the mission. To hold the pure frequency of love on earth as ambassadors of the creative feminine love that holds all of creation.

I have encrypted or rather, coded this message with the light signatures of Venus flowing through these words. Should you feel the resonance and remember the importance of this cosmic love, I invite you to receive this blessing. Open your hearts fully to love and remember your true nature. I Love You. Your Beloved. 



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