CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS Ceremonial GATHERING - January 22nd 2020

Join me on this evening of initiation as we explore Christ Consciousness through our bodies and through expanding and deepening our understanding of these codes.

In this sacred space we'll be honoring Christos and all of creation through Prayer/ Invocation, Meditation, Group Channelling, Transmission and Open Circle.

It is £30 per person and will begin at 7pm in the Avalon Room in the Glastonbury Experience. Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes early for a prompt start.

There are limited spaces available, to reserve your space please email me at solomonmichaelnora@gmail.com


Akhenaten Activation - Egyptian Light Temple - January 8th 2020

Enter the Temple of the Divine Father as we explore the truths and codes of Akhenaten's Temple in sacred ceremony.

Join me on this evening of Journeying, Transmission, Light Activation and Rites of purification as we open to receiving the higher codes of Source.

The ceremony will be held at the Sweet track Centre on Glastonbury High Street from 7 - 10pm on Wednesday the 8th of January. Tickets are £35.

There are limited spaces available. To reserve your space, email me at solomonmichaelnora@gmail.com